BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ – De Dunkla Herrarna CD    (EUR 12,00)

Obscure Black Metal.


The closing of a chapter. 13 years after its formation CELESTIAL BLOODSHED is releasing their final opus.
This is the final breath of a cursed assembly which have stood their ground and never strained from
their path which have taken them deeper and further into the unknown than was ever expected.

CHARNEL WINDS - Der Teufelsbund CD    (EUR 12,00)

A revelation of luciferian light and unbound artistic spirit.

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Fist Of The Northern Destroyer CD    (EUR 10,00)

Repress of 3rd album.


Grim Black Metal from Finland and France.

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Falling Monuments CD    (EUR 11,00)

2010 album of CLANDESTINE BLAZE underlines the core of Black Metal as it has been interpreted by it.
Utmost focus on the core elements of riffs, melody, song structures and lyrics. Leaving out everything unnecessary.

CORNIGR - Relics Of Inner War DigiCD    (EUR 12,00)

Half an hour of sulphur-reeking dark sound from below, crafted under the sign of Satan through years of eclipse.

COSMIC CHURCH - Ylistys CD    (EUR 12,00)

Second album of pure Black Metal.

DARK SONORITY - Kaosrekviem DigiMCD    (EUR 10,00)

After the passing of Steingrim Torson Brissach, KAOSRITUAL was laid to rest.
Up from the ashes arose DARK SONORITY, and their first offerings here presented are the tracks made under the KAOSRITUAL banner,
only performed a few times live but never before recorded.
Includes a cover of BATHORYs - Call From The Grave, recorded back in 2004 with S.T.B. on vocals.

HÄDANFÄRD - Evil Minded CD    (EUR 11,00)

Negative hateful Black Metal.

HELGEDOM - Svartkonst MCD    (EUR 9,00)

Raw and primitive Black Metal dealing with Dark German Heathenism.

HETROERTZEN - Exaltation Of Wisdom DeluxeDigiCD    (EUR 12,00)

After the 2010 vinyl release of HETROERTZEN's epic album ‘Exaltation of Wisdom’, this opus is now released on Digi-CD!
Remixed and remastered. Includes 24-page booklet with lyrics and art.

HORNS - Im Schein Trüben Kerzenlichts DigiCD    (EUR 12,00)

From the obscure and hostile southern Chile, the rebel spirit of HORNS has risen from the eternal Death once more.
A compendium of 13 hymns of Death based in the old unchangeable art formulae. Raw Black Metal.

KADOTUS - Vaienneet Temppelit CD    (EUR 12,00)

A monolith of finnish Black Metal.

KAOS SACRAMENTUM – Avgrundens Konst CD    (EUR 10,00)

Swedish Black Metal with the 90´s spirit. Melodic and well played.

LVX CÆLIS - Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII DigiCD    (EUR 12,00)

The long awaited follow-up to the band's demo. LVX CÆLIS (The Light of Heaven) will destroy the flock of the blind!
Presented in a glossy black and silver 8-panel digipack CD, featuring lyrics & symbolic artwork by 407 Art.

MARE - Spheres Like Death / Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch CD    (EUR 12,00)

A re-release of the long sold out and sought after Spheres Like Death EP, including the TotTW 7"EP fully remastered.
Everything with brand new altered layout.

MGLA - With Hearts Toward None CD    (EUR 11,00)

Mighty polish Black Metal!

MIN KNIV - Av Aske MCD    (EUR 9,00)

Raw, cold and hypnotic Black Metal invoked with total devotion.

SARATH - Siste Indre DigiCD    (EUR 11,00)

Repetative and claustrophobic Black Metal.

SVARTIDAUÐI - Flesh Cathedral CD    (EUR 12,00)

All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.
Flesh Cathedral is an epic journey through labyrinthine nightmares and hallucinogenic initiation.
Chronicling years of meditative abuse of body and mind, bearing the fruit of turmoil and transcendental decadence.
As the debut full length of SVARTIDAUÐI, the Flesh Cathedral stands as a monument of transfigurations and apocalyptic lust.

URFAUST - IX: Der Einsiedler MCD    (EUR 8,00)

Ritualistic Black Metal the typical URFAUST way.

URFAUST - Ritual Music For The True Clochard CD    (EUR 12,00)

This compilation album containing long sold out and hard to find tracks from the various split releases URFAUST has done
over the years and from sold out second full length "Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist".
Thoroughly remixed and remastered keeping the original flair but optimizing harmony and overall atmosphere of the very
rituals to be banned on cd.

URKAOS – Urkaos I MCD    (EUR 9,00)

Spiritual Death worship!

VEMOD - Venter På Stormene DigiCD    (EUR 12,00)

Dark Ethereal Metal from Nidaros. Atmospheric and extravagant, yet stripped and raw.

WARLOGHE - Womb Of Pestilence CD    (EUR 11,00)

Official re-release of the 2nd album. Same material, same cover as original version.
Cult band from Finland who barely needs introduction.

WULKANAZ - HaglaNaudizEisaz DigiCD    (EUR 12,00)

CD version, presented in a 6 panel digipack.

WULKANAZ - Paúrpura Fræovíbôkôs DigiCD    (EUR 12,00)

CD version, presented in a 6 panel digipack.


ANCIENT RECORDS - Afgrundsmysticismens Offergåvor Del.I LP    (EUR 16,00)

Demo compilation with unreleased tracks.

ANTINOMIAN - Nihilum Infandum LP    (EUR 15,00)

Nihilum Infandum is a descent into the great abyss and a sanctifying baptism in the Stygian waters of No-thingness.

ARIZMENDA - Within The Vacuum Of Infinity DLP    (EUR 24,00)

Originally released on tape in 2009 and finally this desolating album is available on vinyl.

AURA SATURNAL - To His Kingdom LP    (EUR 16,00)

After two demos and one EP, AURA SATURNAL finally strikes with its debut album cursed forth in 2010.
Occult and mystical Back Metal from Finland spawned from the rotten mind of Luxixul Sumering Auter.

AURA SATURNAL - s/t 7"EP    (EUR 7,00)

AURA SATURNAL, one of the main rising forces from finnish underground present a new Ep,
with two new tracks of dark, occult Black Metal.

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED - The Serpent´s Kiss 7"EP    (EUR 6,00)

This recording dates back from 2006 and was originally intended for a split release that never happened, now dug up from the abyss of Hell!
Comes with artwork etched into the B-side and thick, full color fold-over cover.

CHARNEL WINDS - Der Teufelsbund LP    (EUR 16,00)

A revelation of luciferian light and unbound artistic spirit. The true sovereign granting the phosphorescent flame is revealed
here as Lucifer - Shaitan - the Prince. Black Metal with true devotion, creativity and passion.

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Falling Monuments LP    (EUR 15,00)

2010 album of CLANDESTINE BLAZE underlines the core of Black Metal as it has been interpreted by it.
Utmost focus on the core elements of riffs, melody, song structures and lyrics. Leaving out everything unnecessary.

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Harmony Of Struggle LP    (EUR 15,00)

CLANDESTINE BLAZE 2013 album is another step widening the concepts started in previous albums.
40 minutes of pure Finnish Black Metal!

CORNIGR - Relics Of Inner War LP    (EUR 18,00)

Half an hour of sulphur-reeking dark sound from below, crafted under the sign of Satan through years of eclipse.

CULTES DES GHOULES - Henbane DLP    (EUR 21,00)

Arcane rituals, medieval devil worship, black blood spilling forth, screams from the abyss both nameless and numerous...
CULTES DES GHOULES unleash their second full-length spell.
Both colours in stock.

DIE KUNST DER FINSTERNIS - Das Geheimnis des Vampirs LP    (EUR 18,00)

DIE KUNST DER FINSTERNIS was formed in the year MMVII as a solo project of Herr Schattenriss to experiment a macabre
vision of artistic boundaries with magic. The texts are strongly related with occult Vampirism and initiatic aspects.
Music itself is a devotional letting go of precious energy and the calling for "The Bloodline".
Deluxe re-release of the already sold out tape, now on 12" vinyl.
Includes: 180 grs. heavy red vinyl, enhanced layout and an A5 booklet with lyrics and the music is remastered.
Released in alliance with LAMECH RECORDS from Sweden.
Listen here!

GRIFTESKYMFNING – Djävulens Boning LP    (EUR 17,00)

Raw and melodic Black Metal. First full-lenght from 2009.

KADOTUS - Vaienneet Temppelit LP    (EUR 15,00)

A monolith of finnish Black Metal. Their second full length on vinyl.
Comes in a gatefold cover and on black vinyl.

KAOS SACRAMENTUM – Scars of Revelation LP    (EUR 15,00)

Melodic Black Metal from 2008. First full-lenght.

KAOS SACRAMENTUM – Bloodcurse Stigmata LP    (EUR 15,00)

Orthodox sounding Black Metal. Third album from 2009.

KÊRES - Old Blood For A New Moon 12"MLP    (EUR 15,00)

After their great tapes KÊRES returns with a vinyl release. Finnish Black Metal.

KNOKKELKLANG - Avgrunnens Klangverk 10"MLP    (EUR 15,00)

Expect a unique sense of darkness and an otherworldly aura.

MARE - Spheres Like Death / Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch LP    (EUR 18,00)

A re-release of the long sold out and sought after Spheres Like Death EP, including the TotTW 7"EP fully remastered.
Everything with brand new altered layout. Repress on red vinyl.

MGLA - Mdlosci + Further Down The Nest LP    (EUR 15,00)

Old 7" releases was manufactured merely couple hundred copies. Now these two 7"s presented on one 12" vinyl.
Original cover artworks and lyricsheet is included! Polish Black Metal at its best!

MGLA - Presence + CTHT LP    (EUR 15,00)

Old Presence vinyl was 1-side 12" what was manufactured merely couple hundred copies. This new versions is thicker cover,
thicker better quality vinyl and including Crushing The Holy Trinity material on b-side.

MIN KNIV - Av Aske 10"MLP    (EUR 13,00)

MIN KNIV executes Black Metal in pure hateful spirit! Hypnotic, cold and repetitive hymns invoked with total devotion.
This is the classic 2007 demo, remastered by Kark from DØDSENGEL, also with new cover artwork.

MYLING - Sotpuke LP    (EUR 18,00)

Dark anticosmic Scandinavian Folk Metal.

NIGHTBRINGER / DØDSENGEL - Circumambulations Of The Solar Inferno LP    (EUR 18,00)

This is a conceptual split release, based upon the esoteric doctrines of the four quarters of the journey
of the "sun" from Death, through the underworld, to rebirth and ascendance.

NOENUM - Demo 2002 7"EP    (EUR 6,00)

Esoteric Black Metal reeking of melancholy and occult mysteries.

ORFVS - The Greatest Sacrifice 7"EP    (EUR 7,00)

Black Metal full of mysteries, performed in the slow/mid-tempo pace with haunting synth and eerie vocals.

ORMGÅRD - Ormblot LP    (EUR 18,00)

Dark Teutonic Ambient and Black Metal art.
Comes with a booklet insert and pro covers printed on metallic silver ink.

SAIVA - Finnmarkens Folk 7"EP    (EUR 8,00)

Obscure, eerie, beautiful, dark folkish metal from the arctic latitudes.
SAIVA enters with a most magical debut Ep.

SAPIENTIA - Through The First Sphere Of Saturnus LP    (EUR 18,00)

Deluxe re-release of the already sold-out tape, now on 12"LP.
Including 180 grs. heavy black vinyl, A2 poster and an insert with lyrics.
Music is remixed and mastered.

SUMMUM - Orchestra Mali, Et Devotionem 7"EP    (EUR 7,00)

Chaotic anti music.

TUKAARIA - Raw To The Rapine LP    (EUR 16,00)

An impossible fusion of carnality and atmosphere.
Vinyl version of this essential album from 2011.

TUKAARIA / ODZ MANOUK - Split LP    (EUR 17,00)

From deep mourning dirges traverse vast and varied perverted audial landscapes to bitter sweet and epic conquering peaks.
Originally released on tape in 2011, now on vinyl with mastered and improved sound.

URFAUST - Der Freiwillige Bettler LP Red Edition    (EUR 15,00)

A masterpiece of ritualistic Black Metal! Their third fullenght!
This is the red edition, red cover and blood red vinyl.

URFAUST - Ritual Music For The True Clochard DLP    (EUR 19,00)

This compilation album containing long sold out and hard to find tracks from the various split releases URFAUST has done
over the years and from sold out second full length "Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist".
Thoroughly remixed and remastered keeping the original flair but optimizing harmony and overall atmosphere of the very
rituals to be banned on vinyl.

URFAUST - Geist ist Teufel LP    (EUR 16,00)

The second repress of their debut album.

URFAUST - Trúbadóirí Ólta an Diabhail LP    (EUR 16,00)

Recorded live at the Dublin Doom Days 2012.
Comes in a custom-made vintage sleeve, black hotfoil embossing on solid-coloured grey rough cartonstock.

URKAOS - Urkaos II 12"MLP    (EUR 14,00)

The second part. A demo atmospheric keyboards.

VORDR / ASKEREGN - Split 7"EP    (EUR 8,00)

Pure underground Black Metal from Finland and Norway.

WHITE MEDAL / SLÆGT - Split 7"EP    (EUR 7,00)

Two long sides of raw northern Black Metal from Yorkshire and Copenhagen.
Black vinyl with artwork by both bands.

WULKANAZ - HaglaNaudizEisaz LP    (EUR 16,00)

Debut album from WULKANAZ, specially remastered for vinyl format by Kark Studios. Esoteric Black Metal with a sound of its own.
Black vinyl, presented with a fold-over cover printed in raw cardboard and a 12 page A5 booklet.

WULKANAZ - Paúrpura Fræovíbôkôs LP    (EUR 19,00)

WULKANAZ marks his most complete and idiosyncratic statement as a musical entity. The 12 songs on this record showcase
the style that WULKANAZ has been hinting at on all his previous releases, only here, it is fully formed and creates even
more a unique world where WULKANAZ seems to be the only one sitting.
Comes in a gatefold jacket containing a 12 page booklet of related hand drawn artwork and lyrics.


CELESTIAL BLOODSHED - Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possesed    (EUR 5,00)

Their debut fullength available on Tape. One of the most aggressive releases to come out of Nidaros to this date.
Pure fucking armageddon!

CHAO - Spiritus Sankti Demo    (EUR 5,00)

Black Metal from Iceland.

CHARNEL WINDS - Sound Of Satan´s Voice    (EUR 5,00)

Apocalyptic heterodox Black Metal from the tunnels and chambers that gave rise to "Der Teufelsbund".

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Harmony Of Struggle    (EUR 6,00)

40 minutes of pure finnish Black Metal!
Tape version with lyrics.

ENDLICHKEIT - Endlichkeit I - II    (EUR 5,00)

The debut release from ENDLICHKEIT. Two tracks of hazy Black Metal.

HRID - Behold The Lord´s Barbaricvm    (EUR 4,00)

Ancient Liburnian cult hailing the lords of Death and worshipping the primordial blackest seas.
Revelation of another time and prophecies carved into stones, carved into HRID.
Waves of Death shall invade the humanity! Nekroatia AMEN!
Official distribution by TRIUMPH OF DEATH.
Listen here!

HRID - Synjemorian Serpent Race    (EUR 5,00)

A second chapter of long forgotten and most tenebrous Veyan prophecies carved into stone, carved into HRID.
Horrid and ancient barbarism returns to spill some blood in the praise of Serpent!
Pro-tapes with black on red paper fold-out covers.

KÊRES - In Impenetrable Darkness    (EUR 6,00)

Finnish Black Metal.

KÊRES - To The Cold Moon    (EUR 6,00)

Black Metal.

KÊRES - The Wanderer´s Path Demo XX    (EUR 6,00)

Another incredible Demo from KÊRES. Again with its raw and sinister Black Metal from the depths of Finland.

NIGHTBRINGER / ACHERONTAS - The Ruins Of Edom    (EUR 6,00)

Both bands travel the previously selected path of mystical elegance, presenting the specific,
magical atmosphere and darksome melodies.

ORMGÅRD – Ormblot    (EUR 6,00)

Pro-printed release of dark Teutonic Ambient and Black Metal art.

TOMHET - Samblade Sotkvæden    (EUR 11,00)

The 13th Anniversary double cassette compilation from the swedish lo-fi black metal TOMHET, featuring "Demo 1", "Strid", "Brandbann'R",
"Eklipsens Hord Och Karavan" album, "Purpureargotamiceps", "Apokalypsimz Legend", plus some previously unreleased tracks.
Near 140 minutes of audio filthiness in two cassettes, presented in shrink-wrapped cases with pro-printed U cards and a handnumbered inserts.

UNBEING - III: Transcendence    (EUR 6,00)

Hypnotic, droning, audial blackness. UNBEING´S third and final tape bears the title Transcendence, and will set a definite end
to every aspect of UNBEING, both musically and lyrically. Unbeing has finally come full circle, after three releases,
three live performances and three persons involved. Everything is finite. The Unbeing has transcended.

WULKANAZ - Paúrpura Fræovíbôkôs    (EUR 5,00)

Tape version with different artwork.


BEHEST #11    (EUR 4,00)

40 A5 pages in english, including some recommendations, a brief talk with Morkh and some of his artwork,
plus interviews with Black Mass of Absu, Grausamkeit, Wulkanaz, Dusze Wypuscil and Nazarene Whore.


Interviews with Apati, Arghoslent, Arkha Sva, Barathrum, Black Beast, Black Crucifixion, Comatose Vigil, Deinonychus, Der Sturmer,
Dornenreich, Forgotten Tomb, Gelsomina / Sick Seed, Goat Semen, Hellish Crossfire, Hiems, Horna, Imperium Dekadenz, Incriminated,
Ligfaerd, Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Monarque, Municipal Waste, Nastrond, Necros Christos, Nekrokrist SS, Nocturnal, Non Opus Dei,
October Falls, Sadogoat / Sadomator, Sathanas, Uncelestial / Uncreation's Dawn, Van Records, Witchtrap and Woods of Infinity.

GOLGOTHA #1    (EUR 6,00)

Featuring interviews with: Robert Hoyem (Graphic Design), Malefices, Deliquescence, Sortilegia, Occult Burial, Barrier Kult, Saligia,
Triangulum Ignis, Echtra, Fyrnask, Rainbath Visual (Graphic Design), Zud & Bogus Rendition, Jeff Hanneman Tribute by Justin Bartlett.
64 A4 pages with an exclusive A3 poster by Robert Hoyem.

HORRIBLE EYES #4    (EUR 7,00)

The Fourth Morbid Knocking feat. Adorior, Mortem, Aghori, Necrosanct, Repugnant, Funebrarum, Eidomantum, Embalmed Souls, Reverend Bizarre,
The Ruins Of Beverast, Bunkur, Saturnalia Temple, The Wounded Kings, Kathaaria, Vulcano, Crucifire, Demonic Rage, Portal, Vektor,
Necros Christos, Unearthly Trance, The One, Mayhem (very old interview), Fleshpress, Kaamos, Grave Miasma, Nirvana 2002, Nuclear Death,
Ascension, Kill, Stench Of Decay, Mercyful Fate, Excoriate, Xibalbá, Dead Congregation etc. 88 pages on A4. great lay-out. tons of stuff!!!

INVOCATIO #3    (EUR 4,00)

The return of Invocatio anno MMXIII featuring interviews with ABHOR, ARKHA SVA, CORNIGR, DECREPITUDE, SKUGGEHEIM and TODESSTOSS.
A5 size, 40 page with black and white print.


All interviews from 2012. Everything presented through a simple “rip-and-paste” layout.

KALEIDOSCOPE #13    (EUR 5,00)

The second short issue with ASYMMETRY (the first and the last interview), SLÆGT, TOLLUND MEN, VENEROR and WITHER.
20 pages, A4, small font, black and white, rip-and-paste layout.

KALEIDOSCOPE #15    (EUR 5,00)

The fourth short issue, is here. Five bands from Europe are diving out of the Abyss.
COSMIC CHURCH (a life-long interview from the birth of the band to the coming full-length "Ylistys"), JUMALHÄMÄRÄ,

RIDDLE OF STEEL #6    (EUR 5,00)

Featuring interviews with Arkona, Abhor, Acheron, Antinomian, Ars Macabra, Darenhöld, Dismal, Graveland, Hecate Enthroned, Inquisition, Lamia Vox, Moon, Morok, Nabaath, Old Forest, Posthum, Raventale, Stworz, The Flight Of Sleipnir, Todestriebe, Vali, Vemod and Woodtemple.


Expect 64 english written pages featuring interviews with: ALUK TODOLO, ASH BORER, BURIAL INVOCATION,

THE SINISTER FLAME III : Fiat Voluntas Mea    (EUR 7,00)

A brand new issue continuing and honouring the sinister legacy, this time through the words of DOMAINS, CLANDESTINE BLAZE, UNHOLY, ABYSSVM,
You are, naturally, also subjected to the Satanic reality via other features. As usual, The Sinister Flame is not intended for people who treat
Satanic Metal merely as a form of music. This Black Art is and has always been a gateway to the dark. If you disagree, just stay away.

WOMB #3    (EUR 4,00)

Featuring Funerary Bell, Panphage, Nastrond, Vogelsang, Mahlkebre, Jumalhämära, "The Equilibrium Manifesto" -essay (originally
published in '97, written by T. Koelling) and Blood Red Fog.

WOMB #4    (EUR 5,00)